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We have published two travel narratives, with photographs, about our adventures:

The Road of Dreams,


Andes to the Amazon

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"Just wanted to share this picture with you. On a recent bike tour I brought Andes to the Amazon to read. Coincidently, my father-in-law brought The Road of Dreams! Here we are in camp, both enjoying your books!"
Scott Van Orman

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The Road of Dreams

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The Road of Dreams is the story of our longest journey--a 26-month bicycling and hiking adventure around the world.

"I've just finished reading The Road of Dreams and enjoyed it so much that I've started to read it a second time. Congratulations on truly a spectacular and adventurous journey. What an accomplishment. Thanks for the inspiration!
John Powers
Birmingham, AL

"I am enjoying your book so much. I ride my stationary bike each morning for 45 minutes and am in the middle of touring Thailand. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment."
Sharon Benassi
North Tahoe Intermediate

Andes to the Amazon is the story of seven journeys we have taken through Mexico, Central and South America over a 24 year period.

Join Bruce and Tass on seven wild and exotic trips south of the border: bicycling through Central and South America; kayaking and swimming with whales in Baja; snorkeling with penguins in the Galapagos Islands; hiking through cloud forests in Costa Rica; and traveling by dugout canoe in the Amazon Basin.

"Not often (as in never) have I written to an author to say that I was enthralled with a book. Received Andes to the Amazon--my kind of book! I traveled all the way with you two--that's how realistic the writing is--loved the pictures. Liked the fact that there was no whining--you both must be tough as nails...This book should be required reading in all schools."
Mrs. Ardith Eatherton
Rapid City, SD

"My name is Ashley. I am nine years old. I have read all your books. I would like to meet you. My dream is to go around the world so I look up to you."
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Would you carry a book this big on a bicycle trip? Tass reading the autobiography of Nelson Mandela by headlamp in our tent, South Africa.

You can also get our books (but not autographed copies) at Borders bookstores, at and other stores.

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Tass and our friend, Janet, share stories in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
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